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Hello, Welcome to Dumasville Boutique, where we're addicted to handbags, lol!

It started with the pandemic, and let’s be honest, it has impacted everyone to some degree. I'm Sheron(sher-ron), and in my case, I could no longer afford that high-end, well named handbag, but I still wanted something beautiful, stylish and made of good quality. I purchased my first Italian leather handbag and silk scarf more two years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I learned that...

...you can have incredible quality...

...at an affordable price. This fostered a deep passion for fashion and a desire to share the beauty of Italian craftsmanship with the world. Every product I offer is a testament to our dedication to quality and style.

Lock & Key Genuine Pebble Leather Handbag Satchel – Made In Italy - Dark Taupe - DumasvilleBoutique


My team and I take pride in inspecting every handbag and scarf that is imported from Italy before it is packaged and shipped to customers. WE WOULD NEVER sell anything that WE would not carry OURSELVES. Actually, we talk ourselves out of taking bags from the inventory constantly. So far, we have purchased four handbags for ourselves.

This is more than just a new business venture; it is a labor of love. We hope that you lovely people get to experience the gorgeous craftsmanship of Italian Leather Handbags & Silk Scarves. If you have any comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. BLESSINGS TO ALL!



Hello, I'm Sheron, the proud owner of our boutique. My Journey into the world of fashion and accessories began with my deep admiration for beautiful handbags. It was this passion that inspired me to start this business, offering exquisite Italian leather handbags and silk scarves.

I believe that everyone one should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Italian craftsmanship without breaking the bank. With a keen eye for quality and a love for luxury, I'm here to assist you in discovering the allure of Italian finery. Your style journey begins here, and I'm excited to be a part of it.

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